Monday, October 11, 2010

TM deadline

With only two days left to film before the deadline of the new Toy Machine video, we went out with Austin Stephens and "The Butcher" to hopefully handle some last minute business. I didnt take too many photos because I didnt wanna vibe anyone out. But I lurked a couple.
We drove from Long Beach to Santa Monica to this beast of a hubba. You only get a few mintues at this spot and Austin had already been battling this thing and gotten the boot the weekend before, so he went back for round two with two days left.

Testing the waters. I have a photo of the trick he was trying but I dont want to spoil the party, so you'll just have to wait for the new Toy video dropping this month to see what went down.

Workin' them angles.

Media men.

And....The boot..pretty discouraging.

So we decided to go to another spot Diego wanted to check out and then come back. The spot ended up being the Kenny Anderson spot, where he had a tailslide photo pretty recently. This thing is super hard to skate, steep bank, tall bar, and you have to wait for traffic. Nothing went down and we went back for round 3 at the hubba spot.

Sessin' it up again. They say third times a charm and it ended up being because he got the trick really good in a few tries. Cant wait to see the new Toy video. Be sure to check it out.

I just like old people smoking.

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