Thursday, October 21, 2010

disposable dreams #22

This is from Abbignal's 21st Birthday. She is finally able to legally enjoy an adult beverage. Burf'day gurrrl.

Ghetto bird in the sky.

You cant tell from the photo but this was beamin' right on me. First time I've been spotlighted.


Me and Merritt.
Sissys and Marlon Brando.


Thats how I roll.

Girl power.

Abbie buying her first beer.

Abbie drinking it.

Golden slumbers.

Chingy arrives after 17 hours straight in a car.

Craig and Dan look like they had a pleasant ride down together.

Shane skating Cherry.

Dan and one of the top 3 things he loves most in the world.


Chingy and Shane.

Chingy and his jar of joy.

Shane and some Portland dudes.

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