Sunday, December 27, 2009

if you film it, they will come.

The long awaited "Beware Of Sasquatch" video is finally almost here. Its been a while in the making but its going to be well worth the wait, guaranteed! Be sure to make it out, its something you do not want to miss. Bring your friends to enjoy the party, its gonna be an epic event. See you there!

35thave Ghetto Graphic

Ive pitched this idea for a board graphic a couple times, and gotten good feedback yet it never seemed to come to life. So I recently took it upon myself to make it a reality, even if its just my "ghetto graphic" version that I concocted up in my garage. Its supposed to resemble a street sign. I was gonna make it with a little AVE in the upper right corner, which I think would really complete the whole "sign" feel. But I didnt want to blow the whole project on the last little stencil, so I just left it out. Here you have it, the 35thave graphic that never was, or atleast not yet. Probably would've been a lot easier if I knew how to use photoshop...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

czechoslovakian humor

There were photos like these above every urinal in the mens restroom at a mall in Czechoslovakia. I thought the idea was brilliant, and wished that the good ol' US of A wasnt so conservitave. More good humor like this needs to be avaliable to the public eye. It wasnt easy to get these photos though, imagine lurking in a mens restroom with a camera waiting around for guys to move so I could snap a couple pics. Got a few weird looks but it was worth it. Couldnt pass up the opportunity knowing I'd probably never get to capture something like this again.

Friday, December 25, 2009

All City Showdown 2009

This year for All City Showdown 2009, I had the pleasure to roll around with Sean Harris and Brandon Jensen. I brought my camera along to capture some of the madness that went down. Now Im no professional photographer so keep the hating to a minimum. I know some are blurry, some have really bad composition, but some turned out alright. I couldnt decide which photos I liked better at some of the spots, so I posted a few different shots of the same trick. Congratulations to Sean for taking 2nd place this year and also to Brandon for getting "best filmer" two years in a row now. Enjoy.

We got to our first spot, and Ken Takayama shows up and goes for a warm up ollie. His board shoots out and slams right into this car, hence the dent. Right after that he took off, but Sean and Brandon stayed to handle some business.

kens dent

Blurry F/S Flip

"where should we go..?"

Devin The Dude was rolling with us too.

Fisheye time.

Line time.

I always like photos or video clips that show the follow filming. Just gives it a different perspective.

B/S Feelbe #1


crook pop over #1



B/S 50-50 line. This spot was janky.

Gap to Lip. #1




These security guards kicked us out, then started taking photos of us with their Iphones. Too late suckas!
F/S Ollie #1

If you've ever been to this spot, then you know how hard it is to skate. Especially trying to boost ollies on it, I couldnt believe it. Nothing to the Harris.

B/S 5-0

B/S Nosegrind