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dahl park
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Moroccan Stogies

randomlife 028
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Smokers paradise. These cost about $1.00 U.S.

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Drunk Frenchman

You can pretty much piss anywhere you want to in France, due to the lack of public restrooms. This guy was pissing right across the street from the flat where I was staying, and after snapping this photo he wanted to come up and party. Should have known from his hat that he meant business.

Flooding The Streets

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sean Harris

I've known Sean since I was 15 years old. So by being his friend over the years, I've had the pleasure to witness some of the most insane things (on and off the board) I've ever seen in my entire life. When he steps on a board, there is no denying his talent. I figured I'd take a stab at the interview game, and having Sean do the first one was a no brainer. We didn't have the opportunity to shoot photos specially for this, due to the wonderful Washington weather we've been having lately. So I just threw in a few I'd shot previously for your viewing pleasure. Anyways, here it is. Enjoy!
crook pop over
1.) What was your first set up? It was a neighborhood, with ventures and 44mm wheeles from my cousin..thanks man!
2.) First video you saw? Welcome to hell? Or Trilogy..? One of those, my brother showed them to me. I was in the 6th grade I think.
3.) First Pro you met? I think Frank Hirata. I think?
4.) Childhood Pro you looked up to? The CHIEF!!!
5.) Favorite sponsor you've had? November, two of my favorite and most memorable jackets. Man were those boxes good, so thankful!
B/S Flip
6.) Least favorite sponsor you've had? No comment.
7.) Favorite skate video of all time? Probably any video I can watch over and over and always gets me hyped.
8.) Top 5 favorite skaters of all time? Way too hard...Everyone has their shit.
9.) Handrail or hubba? Same shit, different toilet..
10.) Handrail, square or round? Both, depending on what trick I'm trying. Round can definitely get hairy..Especailly on 5-0's...
gap to lip
11.) Blondes or brunettes? Both are great.
12.) Boobies or booty? Boobies.
13.) If you could attend any concert, past or present what woud it be? I've already been granted that one, or two...would surely be more stimulating in say 88...
14.) Tricks that will get you a letter in a game of skate? Fucking varial flips! switch or nollie...
15.) If you could have one trick on lock down or on anything, what would it be? Consistent back smiths.
16.) Do you have any OCD, madness, or superstitions while skating? Yes, terrible...
17.) Best style of all time? Leo Romero.
18.) If you could only skate one obstacle for the rest of your life, what would it be? A euro gap or something with ledges on both sides and a good rail in the middle. I like those.
19.) How has your skating changed since your part in "Urban Rubble" to your part in the upcoming "Beware Of Sasquatch" video? (Laughs) Well maybe I got a little more technical I guess..Skating more diverse shit..Urban Rubble?? I was just jumping on shit! (Laughs) It was the bleach man..
20.) What video part are you most proud of? I'll go with none.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming Soon...

Im working on some upcoming interviews, first of which being with none other than Sean Harris. Be on the look out for the Harris interview coming soon!!!

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North Enders

fair 024
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Smo vision

Last Minute

Sean Harris viewing his part in the upcoming "Beware Of Sasquatch" video; incase any last minute changes need to be made before the master copy is sent out. Its getting down to the wire folks.


Are this guys ass kicking boots.

loco logos

Brandon Jensen and Daniel Lint, working on some "Beware Of Sasquatch" T-shirt and Sweatshirt graphics before they are sent off to the production line. They will be avaliable for purchase at the "Beware Of Sasquatch" premiere, February 19th at Neumos. Be sure to pick one up, they'll easily bring you up from that 8 to a 10, a fucking 10.

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No Offense

Recent scrabble game. Thats just how the cookie crumbled..

Value Village

The other day I was at value village scroping around, waiting for something to catch my eye. The usual steal of a deal on some random find wasnt the case this particular day though. Instead I saw this kid hiding in the shirt rack (you can see his shoes poking out of the bottom and his shirt showing in the middle), waiting for people to walk by and scare them. I watched near by as he did it to a few unsuspecting shoppers. Reminds me of my youth, one time I hid in a island of clothes so long I pissed myself. Classic.

Friday, January 8, 2010

you can do it, put your back into it.

Real cowboys sleep where they fall. Guess you'd call this guy a desperado.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dont Do The Puyallup.

The infamous white roller coaster at the Puyallup Fair, has recently gone under construction. After driving by it a few times, I knew I needed a photo of it. I dont know, just thought it looked crazy and would make for a good photo.

Innerhaze part 1

random life 001
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When it rains, it pours..Especially in Washington. After a session at Innerspace, we all went over to the bar across the street for a few coldies and a few games of pool. Upon our return the session got re-hyped in the parking lot, thanks to David. The rest is history, including his board.

Innerhaze part 2

random life 002
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The Harris lurks one.

mmm 019
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Sean tre's the new flat gap outside the P-Town skatepark.

The Harris

sean shoreline
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New Years

new years boom
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This is what shooting a can of spray paint with a b.b.gun looks like.

7-11 sighting

I went into 7-11 the other day for a beverage of choice, and saw this guy hanging out front. Completely naked sitting in the rain right by the front doors. Right after snapping this pic, I get a phone call from a friend saying, "Dude I just saw you in 7-11 taking a photo of a naked guy." Guilty as charged, not everyday you get that call. Shortly after 2 cop cars, 1 fire truck, and an ambulance showed up. 7-11, everything you want and more.

Jesus 3000

Bet you didnt know Jesus was really Andre 3000. No wonder hes got more verses than the bible.

Happy New Years Eve

My board got ran over the other day on New Years Eve. Not only breaking my board but flat spotting the wheeles too. Little did I know this was only a foreshadowing of the night ahead. 2010, welcome.

xxx-treme energy

Nothing like a good ol' can of deep throat to get those juices flowing. 8.4 FL oz's of marketing genius.