Friday, October 29, 2010

Brain Wash

Went to the premiere of the new Toy Machine Video a few nights ago. Didnt get to take that many photos because my digicam died and the flash didnt work on the disposable I brought. The video is really sick though. Definitely worth checking out. Everyone killed it. Got in the important person showing which didnt mean anything because pretty much anyone could get in. Also, Tempster himself was taking tickets at the door. Pretty rad.

There were TVs everywhere. It was awesome. You could watch it from anywhere in the place. Instead of the usual standing on your tip toes seeing half the screen because someones fat head is standing right in front. Other video premieres should take note on that.

Sssshhhhhhh. Afterwards cops came and started beating people up with their billy clubs. I got some photos coming sooner or later from the afterparty at the bar. Stay tuned.

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