Monday, October 4, 2010

Disposable Dreams #22

This was a sneak attack.

We all got into scratch tickets for a few days. None of us really came up on them though. Besides a couple bucks or another free scratch ticket. Still you want more...

Goose egg.

Caught a morning session at Venice before the crowd formed and the kooks took over. Cory got some cool stuff for your viewing pleasure. Be on the look out for the edit coming soon.

Go big or go pro.

Somone had to pinch one off behind holy guacamole. Notice they didn't have any TP, thus the ditry draws.
Session over.

Bike shopping. Test cruise. No dice.

Another session over.

CK1 and Compton setting up freshies.

Trying to break Cory's kingpin by running it over with the sk8rat mobile so use his old hanger. 45 minutes later we were in business.

Venice boardwalk switch tre'.

Then this guy walks by...Nevermind the weird gladiator get up..Check out the sack just chillin..It seriously looked like when Johhny Knoxville dressed up as that old guy on Jackass with that fake sack danglin'. He gave a new meaning to free ballin'.

Some Aussie chicks we met. "Sk8rat for live."

We got tired of security harrasing us so we brought out the enforcer.


Brandon Getting loose and feeling lucky.

We be jammin'.

So after a night at the bar we took it back to Leo's where a wager was soon made. Brandon and Leo decided to play a winner take all $100 game of pool.

After losing the first game and never being one to go down without a fight, Brandon wanted more. So...Double or nothing it was.

And..... The face of a man $200 richer. I shot this right after Brandon scratched on the eight ball, much to Leo's delight. He tried to hit the camera out of my hands in a rage of triumph. Glad the photo came out though.

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