Friday, October 1, 2010

Disposable Dreams #20

Mi Casa.

Carcus toss ahead.

Beachin' it.

Getting that luck.

Skype Queen.

One night reunion in SF.

Met up with some friends at a bar where a burlesque show was going on up stairs. Got to talking to some of the people who were in it outside. Guess this crew did some Star Wars act. I asked if she was supposed to be Obi Wan Kenobi or something. She said no, he is. Im just wearing his cloak. "Oh yeah..whats under the cloak?" BOOM!!! Laser tits. She even let me take this photo but she said she had to cover her face so her boyfriend wouldnt see. She also told me that if she found this on the internet that she'd find me and kill me. I couldnt talk to her seriously after that cause her two red laser beams were shinning through her cloak.

Cesar and Chris. Bros for life.

Feelin' it.

Vintage sticker job.

The rest of these photos were taken from a night out in the sticks, where boys become men. Or maybe its the other way around with mass amounts of booze and these guys involved. Anyways we chopped down trees, reminisced of our younger years, had a ragin' fire, got shit housed, cooked bacon rapped hot dogs, and had a hell of a time. Feelings where hurt, cars were rocked, roofs were jumped, fists were thrown, toes and hair were burnt, but in the end the dogs remained diamond.

Three of the good ol' boys. "The Dude", The Butcher, and T-Bob. Butcher was icing his heel after he jumped off the garage roof, atleast a 13ft drop. No one else was down after that. "I jump, you jump?" "Sure man...?"

"The Dude" and Keith jammin' to some tunes.

Fanning the fire.

Sean attempts a fire walk.

Kinda more of a smoke walk at that point.

The Butcher taking the leaf blower to the fire. Ragin'.

The Butcher had a few different tactics for getting the fire ragin'. The leaf blower as seen here, gasoline, and a tank of old used car oil. The fire was burning 10ft high the whole night. Shit got wild.

Keith getting it done the old fashioned way.

I had another camera from earlier in the day that Im sure had many hidden jems but it fell out of my pocket when I was fanning the fire. I got it out, and besides being melted I think the film might still be good. We'll see.

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