Tuesday, September 7, 2010

disposable dreams #19

Cory and Brandon arrive in SF to pick me up. A pit stop on our way up to good ol' Washington.

Of course we got a little skate action in there too.


Sizing it up.

Back on the road.

Pit stop, Brando refuels himself and his car.

I think Corys tired of all the paparazzi.

Told ya. Hit up a cheap motel for the night.

Then back at it in the morning.

Finally made it to my house. Cory chose to lounge on the lawn.

Brando isnt as releaved. He knows hes still got another 45min-1hr in 5 o' clock traffic till home.

Then some brews around the fire with some of the good ol' boys.

Missed all the homies.


Chris was up from SF too.

A couple lensemen. Brando and Froberg.

To the Squatch!!! Chingy, down for life.


Mia and Liz.

Black out.

Black face.

ACS time. Dirty South villagers were there. Always a pleasure.

The worst part is waiting to start.

Well not for me and half of these guys not skating the contest. Homies rolling deep.

Yep, back in Washington.

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