Wednesday, September 1, 2010

disposable dreams #16

mad doggin me.

No idea..

Kia's car was parked right by a shooting in the mission one night. We waited hours but the feds wouldn't let us get it. The fucked up part was that she had a parking ticket on her car the next morning. Gotta hurt.

Note to self, dont ever end up like the guy on the left.


Asian lady in China town, collectin while ya'll sleepin.

This was the last night Chris, Garrett, and I were living together in SF. Posted in China town.


Bottoms up.

Random dude, he was kind of an asshole actually.

I have a soft spot in my heart for old homeless people. I gave this lady some money and she tried to give it back. "Well what if you get hungry later? You'll need money to eat." Too nice to be living on the streets.

Italian girls.

I always end up hangin with the foreigners.

Kia and Gairy.

And again.
Party people.

My fuckin finger.


The last night with us all in the Shrader house. RIP.

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