Sunday, September 5, 2010

disposable dreams #18

The black James Dean.

When I shot this photo some black dude walked by and said, "damn fools layin' dead in the streets round here."

Mistimed drive by. Kinda spooky.

Reminds me of the Wizard Of Oz, when the witches feet are poking out from underneath the Dorathy's house after she landed on her.

Science project.

Ron n' Nola.

There was a 2 day music festival called Outside Lands going on at this time. We'd heard it was pretty easy to sneak into, so on the second day we tried our luck. When we got to the fence some guys pulled up in a truck and asked if we were sneaking in. We told them yeah, and they told us to hop in their truck cause they had wire cutters and were going to cut the fence. Pretty random but we hopped in anyway.

We found out it was a little harder to get into the second day. They had security standing around the whole perimeter of the place. We walked around searching for a blind spot. Damien Marly and Nas were peforming at this time.

We ran into some guy (not this dude) that gave us his VIP bracelet. We were gonna try to get in one by one tossing the bracelet over the fence everytime. That was until the second dude got caught. There went that plan.

We finally found a blind spot where two girl security gaurds were bullshittin with each other. We decided to go for it and started cutting. Once we all got past the fence we started on a 15 minute run through woods and fields to the main stage. It felt like a militarty mission, infiltrating the enemies front line. It was an awesome feeling to finally make it in and walk right up to the stage, next to people who had spent $120 for a one day pass. Suckers.


Yanasak Sr. and Jr.


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  1. Ando - the pictures are great. I forgot about the longboarding ones...Penny is a badass. We are in Garden Valley staying with a witch doctor. We want to come visit but reception sucks so email us a Thanks for the hospitality & we hope to take advantage of it again :)

    xoxo Jewell & Zac