Wednesday, September 1, 2010

disposable dreams #15

Back to WA par deux.
Some get lucky..

Some dont..

One night in Tacoma we ended up at some weird party at a warehouse. I think its kinda like a squat house. Theres shows there, graffiti all over walls, and make shift rooms. Also this wallride.

These girls asked "The Dude" to take a group picture of them. It made me laugh. Hes probably zooming in on that girls boobs in the black shirt.

Cab ride.


The Harris and "The Dude"

Me posing like a jackass, and "The Dude" with his hand in his pants.

I forget this guys name. Hes cool though.

"The Dude" picking me up from the airport after I missed my original flight.

First stop back home was a straight shot from the airport to Bumpys for a nice cold one. or 4.

chill doggy.

The Harris residence

more booze.

Couldnt help but tip his ass over after this was taken.

"The Dude" and Candi

R. Kelly fans

double exposure.


More piss, I dont know..

Drunk us: "Yeah! Lets take a photo of our reflection. That'll be cool!"

Ran into Mr.Gosteli, always a pleasure. Also, if you need insurance hes your guy.

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