Sunday, July 11, 2010

socal part 1.

Copper walking by the kush doctor.

This guys mind is in that store. I dont like people like this. My dislike has grown due to living off of haight st.

Old people smoking makes me happy.

Meeting up with EK1 at Venice Park.

Liz barges on a bike.


Love this view.

I wanna go home Forrest.

Whoopsie daisy

One on deck.

Im bummed this didnt turn out. A scrapper beamin a bum in front of 7/11. I didnt want to use the flash for the fear of getting in a dispute with whoever was in the car. Never know in LBC.

Brando vision. Niiiice.

This one too.




Guilty as charged, with the stories.

This guy covered his face right when I snapped it. Its like...You're holding a sign screaming at people to get their weed card...come on dude..

Beach nap.

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