Thursday, July 8, 2010

California Dreamin'

I went to LBC and Santa Monica/Venice area for a week. Here are some photos.

The gate next to mine. Tempting...

Travel light

Excellent entertainment on the hour flight.

Breakfast of champions.

The moon was out and the colors were insane.

Touchdown LBC.

Waiting to get picked up. Nice to see palm trees again.

A bottle of booze with a cobra and scorpion inside. One already down.

Many a' games went down here.


Fridge ornament.

First things first. We drank some beer then headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp.
Shrimp plate, soo good.

Brandon agrees.

Seafood Pot.

The waiters come around and ask you Forrest Gump trivia questions. Of course we nailed all of them with out hesitation. I even had to get up and demonstrated how Forrest taught Elvis to dance. But that bitch didn't give us a free dessert or anything after that.

Birds weren't afraid to get close there.

Going for it.

Total satisfaction.

The Muska set.



Coffee table decor.

Balcony table decor.

Board decor.

We hit Venice Beach for a day.

Dudes pumpin' iron.

Mall grab. Saw waaay too much of this.

I'd be bummin if I was a freak for a living.

They tried to pray with me after I shot this.

I was just trying to take a photo of these freak show girls and this dude lurked his way into the photo.

Board frames.

Kooks like this are everywhere.

We messed around

at this spot.

Red pants are in.

Cops roll around Venice Beach on these things.

LA fire Dept.

Elvis lives. Brandons got the unintentional Elvis lip going too.


Do you think they really would chase a criminal on these?

These girls were getting their eagle on.

A quick 5 shots of Patron. $55. No biggie..

Went to some house party on Venice. That dude in all black was one of the bouncers.

Fully catered.

Complete with a slip and slide.

A fifth of vodka and some fruit juice.

Went to the beach to polish it off.

Color coordinated yoga girls.



Two of these will get you going.

Easy livin'

CW, this guy was funny. Liz stole his towel too.

Like father like son.

Wesley Snipes was there. He was a pretty cool dude. Was telling us about some new big movie hes got coming out thats supposed to blow minds. I got another photo with him on my disposable, which I'll get up here soon.

View from the balcony.

EK1,Zack,and the needle.

Cory's kitty cat color way.

Went to this spot.

Quickly got the boot.

Next spot. Can't believe Leo went up this.

Brophy ledge.

Some local bum who frequents this spot was telling us tales of people riding down the bars and how his brother lives in Washington.

Shane "ooosh" Auckland




4th of July American pride.

Skated this for a bit.

The board walk,

4th of July


CK1 laid down a doozy of a trick on this, which I'm sure you'll see sooner or later.

This spot.

Self cleaning robot vacuum.

Got dragged to this place.

Threw my back out after the first ride, the X2 (look it up). Then my lens wouldn't open anymore on my digi with 2 days left on the trip, due to getting sand in it I think from the beach. More photos from disposables coming soon.

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