Friday, July 9, 2010

disposable dreams # 10

Still off the wall

You cant really tell but this guy had a pink poodle with a pink leash and a pink shirt on. Hes picking up the dogs shit. I thought it was funny.

I got hassled by a cop for smoking a cig in this park but bums are fair game to do as they please. hmmm....

I always see this guy. Hes got a little baby shoe on the bottom of his cane.

A lady begging and receiving.

This was another drive by quick snap. I was pretty hyped on the composition. Sometimes not trying makes things way easier.

Sipping ain't easy.

When no ones shoes need shined, pop a squat and relax.

This is the same lady I saw a while ago blasting those news stands with her piss.

cruisin'. They both have the same bumper sticker.

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