Monday, June 28, 2010


I went to a bookstore today and straight to the magazine aisle as usual to check out what skate mags they had. Came across the new skateboarder, which i've been wanting to read. Also picked up this mag (the only copy they had) not knowing what to expect. As I was almost finished with it I saw this Sasquatch review. Its a good review with the last sentence saying the video is "sick as fuck." (click the second pick below to enlarge and read for yourself) Not too shabby. Theres also a video grab of me in the suit chuggin a beer. Really random to pick up some mag and see that. I need to go buy it to keep for archives. Also, if anyone can clue me in on what issue that was of TWS with the other sasquatch review, it'd be greatly appreciated. I know I read it in if that helps... Thanks.

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