Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Roll

Road trip reading material.
The Rat.
Cory takes a breather.
If you know Shane you'd know that this is a very rare sight. Glad to have captured it.
Don't drink,
the water..
Sun bath.
Cory missed his flight back to WA and when we arrived to pick him back up, we found this.
Flamingos at the Marriott in Palm Desert.

Big Al, throwing stones.
The Harris.
You have to do these sort of exercises if you want to get as good as "The Harris."

Have you seen him?
Bros at the Sunken City.
Cranking that Soulja Boy.
Ah. Yup, Chingy.
Chingy, Big Al, and Brandon.
The beers were flowing.

Shadow buds.
Huntington Beach, Sean passed out so we buried him with sand.

Beach life.
Sean, b/s tail.
Brandon 5-0 to fakes.

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