Friday, May 6, 2011

disposable Dreams #37

Papa Harris and yours truly.
I've been wanting to shoot a photo of this guy for months but he's never in the sun. This day he was close enough, so I tossed some change down and asked to take his photo. He told me I'd have to pay $1 for a photo, after a little haggling he still wouldn't budge. I gave in and this flick cost me $1.some change. I'm gonna get you again Mr!
Swoopin' up Gairy from the airport.
Skating to Venice Beach.
Should I get legal?
Gairy at muscle beach.
Haha forgot about this!
Smokers lounge.
Even the wax Nicolas Cage is a hunk, right Sean?
Every time I bring a friend to Hollywood we always make a stop at the takila bar. Over 1oo tequilas to choose from. We knocked more than a couple back.
Gairy stuck to his beer.
Not us.
Also had to check out this ol' thang. Next time its going down.
Incase you ever wondered what the stalls look like inside Hollywood High.
Stars everywhere.
Made Gairy shotgun a tall boy for not taking shots with us. Atta boy Gair!
Had to snap it.
Seeing what this panoramic setting is all about.
Once again,
I got,
anxious to finish the roll.

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