Monday, March 7, 2011

disposable Dreams #33 1/2

Brando walking out of the liquor store where the clerk was shot semi recently. Also a couple days before this some dude asked if I knew where to get a quarter of speed for him. Wild place.
Chingy and Blue.
Vince and his pal Sara.
I blasted Chingy with a surprise flash shot. My bad Ching.
That dude with the white beanie was one of the craziest Canadians I've ever met. But he bought us all a round. Alright in my book.
Boys will be boys.

The Seans have arrived.
Setting up a freshy.
Let the festivities begin.
They brought the Washington weather with them.
Smo rain dancing. Sadly none of the photos turned out. But the memories will remain for all that had the pleasure of witnessing it.
I gave Sean a haircut.
Mid mohawk.
This street citizen was sleeping with the bird fully flipped. He knew what he was doing. Actually he was probably pissed because the girl scouts have been taking away from his business as of late on 2nd street.
Roller durby gals. One of them wanted me to referee for them and gave me her number. She said I was dead to her if I didn't call. Guess I'm a dead man.
I'm working on a sleeping in bars mosaic of Smo. Its coming along.
Chingy getting down.
Lights out.
Jager bombs were flowing steadily all weak.

Mumma on mushrooms.
The dude ladies and gentleman.
Beach boys.

Another cowboy.
And yet another cowboy.
And another.
A bum sitting in the grass was shooting up heroin while we skated by. Ahhh Venice.

I got some good footage of this guy. You'll see it somewhere soon enough.

City of angels.
Taquitos in his pocket, big bite in one hand and an Arnold Palmer in the other. The dude abides.

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