Friday, December 24, 2010

disposable dreams # 29. (SOTY edition)

Took a trip up to SF not too long ago for Leo's SOTY party. I barely took any photos because there were so many people with cameras and I was too busy partying. Brando just before hopping in the RVCA van and departing on the 6+ hr drive to SF.

Gairy and his war wounds.

My two old flatmates Gairy and Chris met us at our hotel. Always a pleasure.

Back on the SF streets and damn it felt good.

Ran into a familiar face the first night out. If you dont remember this guy watch the video above this entry for a refresher.

Woke up early and walked around downtown to all my old lurkin' spots.

The reason everyone came out.

Escorting the man of the year up to his hotel suite, where we proceeded to fuck shit up and drink the mini bar. Thanks Thrasher.

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