Monday, November 1, 2010

Neck Face art show/ The Goat show

I went to the Neck Face art show and then The Goat show last night for all Hallows eve. These are a few photos from my digi cam. I shot a roll of film thats got some goods on it which i'll throw up later. For now check these out. Driving around looking for the place. When I saw this I knew we were at the right place.

This was my favorite. I didnt shoot all the art but heres a few.

There was a mini ramp inside. You can kinda see Ty filming, sitting on the right side of the ramp. He was using the new 3d camera. Wonder what the footy looks like..

The show was pretty kick ass, thats Dollin in the front going nuts. He was filming the whole time. Be on the look out for an update from last night on his 7 day weekends.

Reynolds was a Starbucks employee.

More photos coming soon!

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