Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disposable Dreams #36

This roll got pretty blown out somehow. Also half the roll has a little asian kid on vacation somewhere (not posted)...No clue how that worked out.
Papa Harris fresh off the plane and straight to stacking clips. Pro status.
Hotel life.
Rat clips.
We made a friend.
Paula and I.
She said I was an imp or that I had an impish smile, which apparently means I have a mischievous smile.
Some Israeli dance crew dudes or some shit.
At a school, really driving it home to the kiddies.
But fuck em.
Street citizen.
"Wait are you Cory Kennedy?"
Floridian bros.
Chick lurked onto the sesh and shared a joint. Friendly people out in east LA.
Hes been on a roll with these lately. Not fair.
Chris, crook pop over.
CK1 street beni!
Rip n Nap.
Trick talk.
Grant boardslides.
This is gnarly, show Grant a high mellow rail and he'll hop on a boardslide.
Back up plan.
But not so much.

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