Monday, August 30, 2010

disposable dreams #13



Cab ride

One of those nights..

gettin it going.

no idea..

Haight nap.

Windy day, someones not too hyped. BMW down.

Drunk political talk, great idea.

Ryan stays out of it.

Going to see Inception. Stopped at Walgreens to stalk up on candy. Chris' failed attempt at sneaking in the goods.

Classic Ruben

Another Chris

Cardboard slumbers.

If there were captions for these two blonde girls I think it'd go something like this. "Who the fuck is this guy?" "I don't know, I hope he leaves us alone soon though.." The dudes probably thinking, "I knew this outfit would pull em' in!"

Chris cruisin lower Haight.

Some marathon I skated through on my way to work. Those things never look fun.

BBQin' at the library.

Our drunk neighbor from upstairs passed out on the couch. He went to the bathroom with the lights off and pissed everywhere. Kinda ironic considering he'd been preaching words of drunken wisdom the whole night.

He was just the dude on the couch that night. Couldn't be moved.

Shrader house hallway, RIP. I miss you already.

BBQ at the flat spots.

Some how we ended up in a circle watching the dogs fight each other. Good thing PETA people weren't around.

Chris and Garrett in front of our Shrader house. RIP. Miss ya buds.

Chris tuckerd' out.

This guy drove us home.

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