Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Two days ago I accompanied Chris Downtown on his mission to find a new jacket. We went to Macys and he found one he liked. I tried talking him out of it but he insisted on the fit. Right after he buys it I go to buy smokes. The lady at the register asks me for my ID and tells me I have a baby face. Then she asks if Chris and I were a couple. We both said naahhh,no-no. Should I take that as a compliment? She says "this is San Francisco." Right after we leave some bum dude tells Chris he wants to fuck him. After that he returned the jacket. I was pissed I didnt take a photo of that thing. Then we went down to the water to catch a bite and a few brews at Reds Java House. Next thing we know some chick asks us if she can take pictures of us infront of the store for a magazine. We said yeah and posed for a bit which was pretty awkward. She just kept saying act like you're talking drinking beers. Then she'd say hey Andy and have me turn to look at her. She told us it was for budget travel, and she'd email us. We ended the day with a bbq. Randomlife.

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