Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

It was a nice sunny Sunday today, and being as my ankle is still jacked and I still cant skate (pretty sure its fucked for good) I wanted to snap a few photos. I met Sean,Brandon Cleary, and Devin The Dude down at the Puyallup skatepark to see where the day would take us. We checked out a few spots in Puyallup but with no luck we decided to head to Tacoma. This is what happened.

Brandon started out the session at the infamous "magic 7" right with this b/s 360 within a few tries. Wish I had a camera that shot sequences for this.

Sean didnt even bother to get his board out of the car, but he did bother to do a boneless 180, early grab, and a second try sunday nollie heel all on Brandons board.

The Dude was stomping some proper nollie flips, but his foot slipped off one upon landing and he ended up taking it to the gootch and that was that for him.

Sean films the aftermath on his phone. Brandon filmed the actual gootch shot on his phone which I hope to obtain the footage of soon.

Later this day I got a text from The Dude that said "feels like someone bit my gootch."

We went up the street to check out another spot but ended up at this 8-9 foot roof drop for some reason. Sean hopped up there and started sessin' up the situation. After a few trys and 1 broken board he rolled away from it. He later claimed the only reason he did it was so that when he drove by it he could be like "yeah, I dropped that roof." It was a fun day full of cell phone footy, photos, and good times. Till next time.

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